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sophie hanley
Helping women alleviate gut issues and improve their digestion using a whole food nutritional approach.
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BHSc Nutritional Medicine - Registered Nutritionist

Have you been struggling with bloating and sluggish digestion

for as long as you can remember? 

Have you tried conventional medicine and you just cant get results?

I provide individualized nutritional medicine, education and lab testing along with  lifestyle practices to help women heal themselves.  Together we formulate a plan to see you eating better for your body and optimal digestion.



*bookings for new clients are currently closed *

Free Discovery Call

Let's chat about your health concerns,

goals and how I can help you.

Nutrition Appointment

Initial 60 minutes                $129

Return  30 minutes            $75

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12 Week Coaching Plan

Over a 12 week period we work closely together to help you:

     heal your gut symptoms

     create new healthy habits

     figure out the best way to eat for your body

     get your health back on track


*Book a Discovery Call to enquire

Nutrition appointment


Welcome to a wilder approach to

the way you eat

About me

I'm Sophie, a nutritionist from Tasmania.  I practice in a physiotherapy clinic in Hobart and online.  I help women alleviate the discomfort of digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation; rebalancing their weight by eating with balance.

I take a simple approach, using foods to nurture the body and supplements to remove deficiencies and toxicities.


I also work with functional medicine lab tests to eliminate any guess work and reveal the root cause of symptoms.

My food philosophy

I believe we all need to eat more from the earth and less from a box. Because you're an individual my approach is to make food nutritious to you and not restrictive.


Prevention is the best medicine, and a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you can possibly make.

Nutrition background

I graduated from university with a bachelor in Nutritional Medicine. This three year degree taught me so much about the human body and its interaction with nutrients.  There is a lot of mis-information about nutrition online, so having this degree allows me to educate others in such a highly saturated market. 

Always bloated?

download my:

3 Tips To Beat Bloating


For Enquiries:


Private health fund rebates available with the following providers:

Private Health Funds



Australian Unity


HBF (inc. GMF)

NIB (AAMI & Suncorp)

St Lukes


Qld Country Health


Medibank Private

Mildura Health Fund

GU Health

Police Health

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